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UC Berkeley’s Study Abroad program is your passport to study around the globe.

Win a scholarship to study Spanish with a Berkeley professor in Spain. Learn about finance and trade during a summer internship in Singapore. Conduct lab research at the University of Tokyo. No matter what your study abroad experience, you’ll be more prepared for the challenges of living and working in a globalized society and benefit socially and academically.

Since 1962, UC Berkeley students have studied abroad, internationalizing the campus and creating a community of globally informed students and alumni. Today, more than 1,800 Cal students study abroad annually while UC Berkeley hosts over 300 exchange students from around the world.

Studying abroad is such a wonderful experience, and one that contributed to my academic experience.

– Student Jennifer D.

Berkeley’s study abroad options are as varied as global cultures themselves!

  • UC Education Abroad: Offered through University of California, this program offers study, research, and internship opportunities abroad.
  • Global Edge: As an incoming first-year, you can start at Berkeley with this first-year pathway. Spend your summer at Berkeley, then fall semester in London.
  • Summer Abroad: These intensive Berkeley summer courses are taught by faculty abroad.
  • Global Internships: A campus academic internship program with placements in San Francisco and around the world.
  • Sciences Po: A dual degree program with France’s leading university in the social sciences.
  • The University of Hong Kong: A dual degree program with the University of Hong Kong for students interested in humanities or social sciences.
  • Other Programs: Offered by Berkeley affiliates, other UC campuses, and other independent non-UC programs.

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